Saturday, February 17, 2007

Photos from an independent school in Vancouver, BC, Canada

These amazing Silbury School students are in elementary school that specializes in hands-on, visual learning.

Instruction for this workshop by Solar Powered Road Show and Rob Matthies.

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The Solar Power Roadshow's Mission Statement

"Anybody Can Make Energy"

Energy is the biggest human endeavor and the largest industry on Earth. It is also the root cause of most of our conflicts and precarious climate change.

The Roadshow preaches, and practices, in an edu-fun way, that clean, renewable energy sources can be made by anyone, with methods and devices that are not generally known to the public. Let alone kids.

At Solar Power Roadshow's activities, held at fairs, festivals, schools, and even birthday parties, every kid ("kids" from ages 3 to 93) becomes an inventor. Typically, he or she gets a mysterious bag of uneven, mixed parts, and must discover what to do with them. With the Roadshow's guidance, some 7 to 14 year-olds magically created novel devices that have patent-potential. Nearly everyone attending becomes an inventor, as guided by inventors from the Roadshow.

To compare, the Roadshow's workshops are quite the opposite of a solid-building-block workshop. Solar Power Roadshow directs kids' efforts towards only what is relevant. In a fun way.




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